Who we are

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The more than 200,000 members of America’s vibrant book publishing industry are responsible for turning ideas into entertainment, knowledge, public service, civil discourse, inspiration and the preparation of new generations of informed citizens.

The traditional image of publishers has evolved: These companies are now recognized as innovators and leaders in merging high-value content and cutting-edge technology as they redefine the timeless concept of “books.”

Three hundred companies are members of the Association of American Publishers. They span all categories of publishing and represent the major commercial, educational and professional companies as well as independents, non-profits, university presses and scholarly societies.

Trade Division publishers develop and produce the fiction and non-fiction enjoyed by the general public, in ink-to-paper, eBook and audio versions. The School Division serves Kindergarten through 12th grades with the most advanced multiplatform curricula and assessment materials to educate and engage America’s youth.

The Higher Education Division offers equally sophisticated teaching, learning and assessment book and digital solutions for colleges and universities. The organizations that belong to the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division provide the vast majority of books, journals, software and electronic materials used by scholars and professionals in science, medicine, technology, business, law and the humanities.

Whether they are bringing forth the next pop culture phenomenon or introducing a groundbreaking learning system to raise students’ grades, virtually all publishers lead the full continuum of investment in ideas, development, production, curation, editing, marketing, copyright protection and delivery required to convert unique visions to reality. And they do so on every media platform and in every format available now and in the future.

The role of the Association of American Publishers

AAP is the trade association for the U.S. book publishers, providing advocacy and communications on behalf of the industry.

AAP represents the industry’s priorities on policy, legislative and regulatory issues regionally, nationally and worldwide. These include the protection of intellectual property rights and worldwide copyright enforcement, digital and new technology issues, funding for education and libraries, tax and trade, censorship and literacy.

Additionally, AAP works to showcase the value of content and the critical role of the dynamic U.S. book publishing industry around the world.

AAP national headquarters are in Washington, DC. It also has offices in New York and Philadelphia.